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Do you want that nice vintage look? Then a pair of tights from What Katie Did is guaranteed to be something for you. We have put together a small guide on how to take care of your tights and how to easily choose the size. With us you can both buy garter belt holder, stay-ups and vintage-inspired tights with seam. We have a number of colors to choose from - which is guaranteed to give your 40s, 50s or rockabilly dress a boost. For who does not like that little extra?

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It always starts somewhere and the modern history of tights began to take shape in the 1920s when skirts and dresses began to become shorter and a greater need arose. The material the tights were made of was at this time exclusively silk or rayon (artificial silk) which did not have the same comfort at all. Even before, women had worn tights. However, the revolution came in 1938 when a new material began to be invented by DuPont - nylon. Nylon had completely different properties than its predecessor, which made the tights more comfortable and stretchy and useful. In the 1940s and 1950s, stage and film producers sewed tights for their movie stars and dancers.
In the mid-1950s, they began to sew up tights for commercial sale. Which we today see the result of and gives us so many opportunities whatever we like and use them for. The best thing is that we can now combine today's modern comfort with yesterday's design and look and old hollywood glamor.

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Thickness of tights is always measured in Denier abbreviated to "it". Thin and transparent tights are usually available up to 15 ″ it. Normally thin tights are usually 20 ″ den and semi-transparent between 20 ″ -30 ″ den. Tights over 60 ″ it counts as full coverage.

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What Katie Did

We really love our tights from What Katie Did, they have both that modern comfort but do not give a thumbs up to that sexy retro and vintage look. They are also really the icing on the cake for which outfit you choose and fit our nice 50's dresses and vintage inspired garments really well.

What Katie Did's tights and stay-ups are 15 ″ denier thick, which means that they are quite transparent and it is important that you take care of them in the right way. In addition, the material they are made of is very stretchy nylon with elastane. What is so smart about this is that instead of choosing tights according to your usual size, you choose according to your length. All What Katie Did's tights are made in Italy. Below you can see which size you should choose according to your height.

Sizes Your length
SMALL / MEDIUM 154-170 cm
MEDIUM / LARGE 165-180 cm

If you are still unsure of size - feel free to ask us.

Washing instructions for your tights

The best way to wash nylon tights is as hand wash. Feel free to wash the sink with a little detergent. Another tip is not to hang them on elements to dry, but feel free to hang them up carefully with clothespins. What Katie Did gives above tips on how to best do it.

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