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PIKE BROTHERS 1937 Roamer jeans

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Pike Brothers Roamer Jeans are inspired by 1930s workwear. Made of thick durable denim fabric in 100% cotton. Loosefit with straight legs.

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Pike Brothers Roamer Jeans are inspired by 1930s workwear. They are made of thick durable denim fabric in 100% cotton. The fit is also loosefit with straight legs on these jeans. The jeans have details such as buttons with zinc finish, golden yellow seams, loops for the belt and also buttons for attaching the braces. Matching braces are available for purchase separately here. These jeans are very stylish and fit perfectly with both Rockabilly or vintage style.

See Pike Brothers size guide below to find your right size of jeans.


Sizes A B C D
27 of 37.6 cm of 27.2 cm of 36.7 cm of 21.2 cm
28 of 38.8 cm of 27.5 cm of 37.0 cm of 21.6 cm
29 of 40.0 cm of 27.8 cm of 37.3 cm of 22.0 cm
30 of 41.2 cm of 28.1 cm of 37.6 cm of 22.4 cm
31 of 42.4 cm of 28.4 cm of 37.9 cm of 22.8 cm
32 of 43.6 cm of 28.7 cm of 38.2 cm of 23.2 cm
33 of 44.8 cm of 29.0 cm of 38.5 cm of 23.6 cm
34 of 46.0 cm of 29.3 cm of 38.8 cm of 24.0 cm
36 of 48.4 cm of 29.8 cm of 39.3 cm of 24.8 cm
38 of 50.8 cm of 30.3 cm of 39.8 cm of 25.6 cm
40 of 53.2 cm of 30.8 cm of 40.3 cm of 26.4 cm
42 of 55.6 cm of 31.3 cm of 40.8 cm of 27.2 cm
All measurements are also in centimeters, double size A to get your waist measurement.
Pike Brothers Roamer Jeans also shrink about 2 cm in length when washed. This does not affect the width.
Length: 34 ″ 86,4 cm
Length: 36 ″ 91,4 cm

Pike Brothers specializes in vintage, retro and heritage-inspired clothing and accessories in the style of the early 1900th century. This means that you actually also make the garments in exactly the same way as you did during the original period. In addition, their garments are well-sewn and always made with high quality - just as they should be. This without actually compromising on durability, comfort or appearance. When you choose to buy Pike Brothers, you also choose good quality, it is also in line with what we at RetroRocket like and are passionate about.


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