Ahoy Sailor! Stylish 50's sailor dress

LADY V LONDON Navy Blue Sailor 50s Rockabilly Dress

Summer sun and a day by the sea. Need more?

Hardly - or yes - a nice sailor dress from Lady V London. Vintage inspired sailor dress with a nautical theme in navy blue with stylish white anchors.

It's hard not to love Lady V London's 50's, vintage and rockabilly dresses. That's why we really love this model with its nice round neckline at the front and flirty V-neckline at the back and lovely swing skirt. In addition, it is just as nice with the belt at the waist that gives you a classic 50's silhouette.

Lady V London Navy Sailor 50s Dress

The dress is knee-length and is available in size UK8 (36) to size UK20 (48). In addition, it is made of soft cotton fabric in England just like all the other Lady V London dresses. You will definitely be a success in this nice dress both at the party, the car meeting or why not on a sunny beach? Feel free to match with a pair of nice tights from What Katie Did or why not a nice one tulle dress for more width.

Lady V London Navy Sailor 50s Dress

So throw off and shop our nice new dress from Lady V London for SEK 799. Click here. Or why not shop for one of our other great ones dresses? you are guaranteed to find a favorite with us.

So the history - what does all this sailor and nautical theme come from in retro and rockabilly culture? It certainly has to do with that sailors tattooed just with different nautical symbols with different meanings. For example, having an anchor tattooed symbolized among sailors that you had gained a higher rank and sailed across the Atlantic. While if you had a dragon, you would probably have sailed to Asia and if you had a hula girl, you would have served in Hawaii. The most popular and well-known tattoo artist was and is guaranteed Sailor jerry  which was known for its classic swallows, dice, bottles, snakes and more that are still tattooed today.

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